Tuesday, January 12, 2016

NSS organizes guest lecture to guide students

"Purpose is the reason you journey, Passion is the fire that lights your way"

The importance of pursuing our passion radiated in the guest lecture organized by NSS IIT Roorkee on 12 Jan, 2015, National Youth’s Day addressed by Dr. Anurupa Roy. Dr. D.K. Nauriyal, Dean of Student Welfare welcomed Dr. Anurupa Roy and distinguished guest, Dr. Vimal Kumar and Dr. Falguni Pattanaik, the Program Officers of NSS IIT Roorkee.
   Dr. Anurupa Roy enlightened the students with her words and inspired them with her own life story. She studied medicine for 6 years but then she realized that this is not where she belongs. She found her passion in
consultancy and social work and even after numerous difficulties kneaded her passion and career.

   The inspiring lecture was followed by a question and answer session where she answered the students as well as Dr. Nauriyal’s queries regarding how to deal with parents when the student wants an unconventional career.

    In the end, Dr. Anurupa Roy presented the NSS excellence award to Neelesh Bhalla, former On-Campus Secretary and Pratik Toshniwal, former Deputy General Secretary of NSS for their service. Dr. DK Nauriyal also presented a memento to Dr. Anurupa Roy. Thus, this was indeed a great start of the year for the youth as a sense of purpose was instilled in the students.

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