Sunday, February 3, 2013

Collage Making Competition

Prerna cell, of NSS IIT Roorkee, organized a collage making competition for its students on 3rd Feb. i.e. Sunday. Children started arriving at 10:30 am. Meanwhile, the seniors put up the banners in the lawn, where the competition was to take place. The banners had itself been made by collage to inspire the students and give them ideas. Competition started at 11:30 am. Everyone was given white charts, glue and some newspapers. The basic concept was to make a collage on any topic using newspapers and glue only. The students were assisted by the volunteers of first year for selecting theme and making collage. Finally the winners were decided on the basis of their collage and their explanation of their theme.

About 45 students turned up for the event, all of whom brimming with excitement. Some had thought of their themes beforehand only. In the hour that followed, you could see everyone lost in their work-cutting, pasting, etc. The air was full of creativity. There were wide varieties of themes-from Save Environment, Go Green to Women Empowerment, Indian Army. Finally seniors short listed some of them like-Women Empowerment, Save Trees, Dream India, Sports, etc. Lastly, the ex-secretary of Prerna and Prof. G.K Kumbhar of Electrical Department listened to the explanations of the shortlisted candidates. After much discussion, the selected collages were- Saving Women, Indian Army and Save Trees respectively. Winners were awarded with prizes such as sketch pens, crayons etc. Everyone was given chocolates for their active participation. All in all, it was an interesting Sunday.

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