Tuesday, August 2, 2011

After ages...

              Long time since this page saw any activity, but no other day and no other moment could have been better than this day and this time to revive this log. As is the tradition of the world, you come and then, you have to go, making way for fresh faces, bright, shiny and dreamy eyes, bringing in their revolutionary thoughts to make an impact on the society with this new given responsibility and role. Everyone special, everyone talented and everyone who has a spirit to do something for others and their betterment. Mind it this is never charity that I am talking about, we're not in that business, no no, we don't pity people, instead we give them the confidence and faith to stand up and make their own place in this big world.I like the word EMPOWERMENT.

             Coming back to the agenda, the NSS Team for 2011-2012 is already made, and surprisingly enough, they're already going gung-ho about their duties and responsibilities, sometimes these kids never stop amazing me. You have to see them work, well as a matter of fact you will! One full academic year! So, I thought the least I can do is to officially introduce them on the blog. So here' presenting to you,

Executive team-NSS-year 2010-11:

General Secretary: Arpit Kumar Mittal
Deputy General Secretary: Prashant Verma
On Campus Joint Secretary: Akhilesh Kumawat
On Campus Joint Secretary: Neha Singh 
Off Campus Joint Secretary: Abhishek Choudhary
Joint Secretary(PR): Sagar Saxena


AADHAR (Social Awareness, Health and Human welfare):
Human Welfare and Social Awareness: Prachi Agarwal        
Human Welfare: Suraj Singh              
Social Awareness: Kuldeep Singh          

Health: Bhanu Harish     
Anjali Dayma, Kapil Agarwal, Ashish Ranjan Jha

Finance and Program Management: Rajat Gupta
Attendance and Program Management: Neharika Singh
Program Management and Publicity: Vihan Jain
Technocreative (Web and Publicity): Manish Sharma
Technocreative (Editorial, Videos and Photography): Naman Gupta
Technocreative (Designs, Videos and Photography): Ranjan Kumar   


Nirman (Majra): Priyanka Gupta, Raghavendra
Eduslum & Prayaas(Physically Disabled): Pawan Kumar, Avdesh Meena, Priyanka Meena
Navodaya: Rakesh Kumar Yadav, Poonam
Disha: Shubham Gupta, Kanchan Kaswan
RT Technocreative: Surya Jaisankar, Saumya Tiwari
Model Village: Anmol Saxena, Pushpendra Tomar, Vidit Yadav
Awareness: Kanishka Sahni, Vineeta Yadav

I have only one message for you all, I have seen you work, and I know you will do everything in the best way possible. All The Best, make me proud!

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