Sunday, March 17, 2013

Skit on Women Empowerment

A skit was organised by the RT Awareness cell of NSS IIT Roorkee in the village of Sherpur on the outskirts of Roorkee. A number of students from RT Awareness cell and some from Prerna participated in this play on Women Empowerment. The play started at around 12 pm after the volunteers from the different cells of  NSS, went on a door to door campaigning spree to create  awareness about the free medical camp which accompanied the event. The volunteers, dressed uniformly in white shirts, participated in the event with great zeal and enthusiasm.
As soon as the volunteers began calling the people to watch the street play, the whole village was buzzing with activity as people rushed out following them to the village square and within no time a crowd gathered and the play started. The play focussed on the deplorable condition of women in the rural areas, where women are discriminated against, with the cases of eve teasing by men increasing and atrocities like female infanticide, rape or dowry related crimes. The message showed dignity towards women without whom the human race is incomplete. The village elders were elated and applauded the students for generating awareness. “We need to be aware about the women equality in modern times especially when the sex ratio is as low as 800 females per 1000 males in some parts of India”, said Ram Prasad, a sexagenarian trader from the village.

The event was a huge success and saw massive participation of men, women and children alike. The volunteers had put in numerous hours of practice for the event and had been working on it for more than a month. In the end their efforts bore fruit with the play sending a strong message on the equality of women among the village folk.

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