Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Medicinal Plant Distribution

NSS is conducting a distribution of plants with medicinal value, specially obtained from Pathanjali Yogpeeth, in Ravindra Bhawan next week. This is aimed mainly at the well being of the environment and the health of students. The details of the programme are as follows:

  • Each plant costs only Rs. 30/-

  • These plants have medicinal value: adding fresh oxygen in students' room, dandruff control and leaves with digestion control capability, to name a few.

  • Many other types of ayurvedic plants will also be made available.

  • NSS will also be delivering other plants needed, including flower bearing plants of various varieties.

The names of plants to be distributed are:

  1. Flower bearing plants: Kehl , Baby Doll, Saplera, Bigonia
  2. Medicinal Plants: Ashvgandha, Tulsi, Piabasa, Bramni, Khatmi, etc
The interested students are requested to send their names and names of plants needed to

K. Swagat

Room No : S-87, Ravindra Bhawan


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