Saturday, February 21, 2009

EDUSLUM- Mainstreaming the slum children to formal education

NSS IIT Roorkee has been working in the village Teliwala for the education of children and aiming at serving the larger cause of Rural Transformation. Teliwala is a small village near Roorkee Railway station. There is a slum adjoining the village. Most of the people in the slum are migrants from BASTI district in UP. They have migrated to this place 15 years back and go back to their native place for 3-4 months each year. Unfortunately, for the remaining 8-9 months almost all the residents in the slum earn their livelihoods from begging at civil lines and other places and that Includes children as well.

There are are around 80 children above 5 years of age who live there and are engaged in begging and other such activities. As a result they are deprived of education and other basic facilities. NSS is planning to work for the upliftment of these children by educating them. To serve this purpose we interacted with the parents of these children and they gave us very positiveve response.

NSS, IIT Roorkee in co-ordination with Cognizance 2009, the Annual Technical Festival of IIT Roorkee has started "EDUSLUM", an initiative to educate these slum children at the Teliwala Primary School(behind Roorkee Railway Station) from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm daily. The duration of camp will be for one month.

Interested volunteers should contact:
Naga M. Reddy


crystal clear said...

Hi, Best wishes for the event.

just a small suggestion -

We have to see that such initiatives continue in the forthcoming years.

You could involve 2nd year students - And notice any committed 2nd yearite who can make sure that similar events will be held next year.

Jayaprakash (IITR 07)

naga said...

My 4 years long dream, of doing something to better lives of cute & innocent little ones who make livelihood by asking for alms in Civl Lines in Roorkee, came true with the help of many volunteers from campus. These are the children who are experienced many hurdles in life and are brave enough to face life. I am sure that one day they can come out of this really pathetic profession and create wonders. trying to bring that day soon for these little kids..... Naga M. Reddy, a Social Servant