Friday, February 27, 2009

NSS, IIT Roorkee in association with Cognizance, 2009 (The Annual Technical Festival of IIT Roorkee) is carrying out a case study on Kaliyar under the name

A step for Rural Transformation

Kaliyar is a pilgrimage center visited by thousands of people across the globe. It is situated about 2 km from the National Highway and lies on the banks of the Ganga Canal and is half hour drive from Roorkee.

The tourism industry gives people an opportunity to make easy money. Parents send their children out to beg or to work as waiters at major tourist spots rather than sending them to schools. When asked upon the reason the parents complained that even the educated populace of the village is not able to obtain and keep jobs. This creates a notion of futility of education. On an average, a child begging on the street is able to earn Rs. 50-80 per day.

In such a scenario, a case study has to be done on the following lines
  1. A provision for generation of employment
  2. A proposal to change the mindset of the general population towards education with the goal to:
  • Discourage the practice of begging
  • Instill the value of education into the minds of the people

Resources Available :
1. A canal, diverted from the river Ganges, having a moderate flow
2. A government primary school
3. A private Inter College (teaching students upto std. XII)
4. 3 tuition centres run by the pilgrimage centre holds classes for
students with a major focus on Urdu and Hindi only.
5. Any other resources you may be able to discover on the Internet

Population : 15,000, unvarying demography
Other Problems : Water, Electricity and Sanitation during tourist season
Occupation : Agricultural land minimal, seasonal occupations.

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Sumeet Gupta

Gireesh Gera

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