Monday, February 23, 2009

NIRMAN- Carving Future

The construction activity in IIT Roorkee campus is going on in a full fledged basis in order to accommodate more and more students to the "developing" IIT system so that the newly arrived students have greater comfort. The dark part of this construction activity in the construction work is the lifestyle and development of those who are sacrificing everything in order to add to our comfort. Their children once studied but their rapid migration have kept them away from joining schools.

NSS had taken its initiative to educate these children last year in front of the NCC canteen. This activity continued fairly well. These children were also taken to a movie that was being screened in IITR and to to Srishti, the annual exhibition of Hobbies Club.

This year we have resumed our activity of teaching the construction workers in co-ordination with Cognizance '09 under the name

Nirman - Carving future
for those who are carving our future with their own at stake

Feel free to join hands with NSS in order to teach these students. We have this programme running daily at the NCC Canteen Verandah from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Praveen Sehrawat
(P.G. Student Representative)

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