Friday, February 1, 2013

Model Village : Bhangedi

After their incredibly successful Bhangedi Talent Search Examination (BTSE), the Model Village Cell of NSS is focusing on more lucid tasks which are largely youth-centred and would help in making Bhangedi self-dependent thereby achieving a holistic development.
 As a follow-up to BTSE, Model Village has made a few groups of NSS students who shall be tutoring and mentoring the village students (who made it through BTSE) in academics, sports and art so as to hone their specific talents.Four groups have been made for this purpose. First one is for children of classes 6-8 which shall give particular emphasis on making the children, especially girls, bold and self-confident. Second one will be for boys of classes 9-12 and will employ sports as a major tool for teaching them instead of the usually boring verbal lectures. A third one will handle the girls of classes 9-12 and would focus on women empowerment. The last group gets more creative. It is for teaching science to students by interesting and curious experiments and will take help from various Profs of IITR to design some to cater to the needs of village students.Apart from these, several other groups have been made one of which is socio-economic technical initiatives which shall discover various socio-economic exploits in the village. There is a separate task group entrusted with exploring the possibilities of using the Right to Education Act for getting the village kids into Private schools. Last but not the least is the plan to grease together a faction of village women who will work for tackling social vices prevailing in the village. In a nutshell, Model Village continues to do some awesome work and one can really hope that they can turn Bhangedi into a model for the rest of Indian villages.

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