Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Insight Of Science

Apart from their regular teaching schedule from Monday to Friday, members of the Prerna cell, NSS IIT Roorkee conducted an interesting science workshop for the students of nearby areas on January 24th, 2016. The aim of this novel venture was to give those children a brief insight into the implementation of their already learnt courses of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. And those children enjoyed and learnt much from this event.
Student performing experiment

Considering the same, many experiments were demonstrated by the students of Prerna cell to show the various real life phenomena using simple equipment like sharpener, rubber, plastic glass, etc. These included concepts of centrifugal force, refraction of light, optical illusion, the well-known Boyle’s law, and others like the functioning of a hovercraft and how air pressure from a balloon can move a car.

Every experiment was followed by an interactive round to make students use their already learnt concepts for the justification of the marvel done before their eyes, telling them the actual and simple reasons behind it. The students were also asked to perform those experiments themselves for a better understanding of the classroom concepts.

About 35-40 students from the local schools of Roorkee attended it with great zeal and passion. They gained a lot of knowledge and were quite excited for the workshop from the beginning itself.Thus, application of theoretical knowledge into practical happenings really made the day for all brilliant and inquisitive minds. In the words of cell coordinator Shubham Jain himself, they were all excited to showcase such daily life science to those young minds.

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