Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fun events for Paniala school students

There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s

On 30th January 2016, students of Pragati cell of NSS, IIT Roorkee went to
Paniyala State School to conduct various fun events for the students. The village
is 6 km from the campus. A group of approximately 20 students went there.
Though it was a holiday for students yet students showed full keenness to
conduct the event.
The school did not have a very good conditions.The infrastructure was not very
good. Though it had a computer lab, but the lab had only three computers that
too not working properly. It had students of sixth to eight class. The school had
nearly 100 students.
The students were very cheerful and full of life. NSS volunteers were received
with great enthusiasm and joy.
The first event conducted was a General Knowledge quiz. It was a twenty five
minute quiz with fourteen questions. To everybody's surprise three students
managed to answer all fourteen questions correctly. So a tie breaker was
conducted. Sadman, a student of class 7th won the tie breaker and was declared
as the winner. Everybody was surprised to see the level of awareness and
knowledge of these children.
Then painting competition for girls and race for boys were organised. For painting
competition, sheets, colors, paints etc were provided by NSS volunteers. The
drawings were beautiful and it became very difficult to decide a winner. School
teachers were asked to judge and find the winner. Finally, the pair of Soni Gulnaz
and Nargis were adjusted the winners. The race was the most energetic of all
events. Excitement level among boys was very high. Sadbad Ali of sixth class
won the event.
School teachers were very helpful, cooperative and dedicated. They helped the
volunteers throughout the event. At the end prize distribution took place. Quiz
winner was given a dictionary, painting competition winners a painting set
whereas race winner a bag. Runner ups were given notebooks as prizes. The
event proved to be a success with high level of participation shown by the
students. Volunteers were happy with their work. The event ended with the
ringing of school bell and students went to take their mid-day meal.
The event was a eye opener. It made us realize that India has great potential
hidden in its villages. If given proper facilities and infrastructure, the village
children can do wonders and make India a world superpower.

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