Tuesday, January 26, 2016


A Step towards Clean India
On the auspicious occasion of sixty-seventh republic day, January 26, 2016 all the NSS proficiency holders congregated at the NSS Mandi Cell for the Swach Bharat Abhiyaan, a benignant initiative by NSS IIT Roorkee. This abhiyan was supervised by Dr. Smita Jha, head of NSS IIT Roorkee. The motive behind this amiable initiative was to address the importance of cleanliness in the society. The students were split into four troops and they proceeded thereafter.

Each troop was given adequate number of plastic gloves, brooms and masks. And the posters made by the students of NSS itself, added icing to the cake of abhiyan. Task of collecting the trash, picking it up and holding the posters were circulated among the students ordinarily.

The first and the foremost group headed over to the civil lines of Roorkee to clean up heaps of rubbish accumulated in every nook and corner of the road. The second troop proceeded to the road of physics department, following it was the road of civil department and finally they headed over to the road of sarojni and jawahar bhawan. The third troop progressed to the road joining metallurgical and materials department the alternate hydro-energy centre, post which they moved to road of rajiv and radhakrishnan bhawan.

The final group began their task from the road of electronics and computer sciences department from there they proceeded straight to the road of anushruti school. Further they moved to the convocation hall’s road and there last stop was road of mahatma gandhi central library.

After winding up with the tasks allotted to each group they gathered at the Mandi Cell. Thereafter each student’s biometric attendance was taken. The apportion of refreshments was the terminus of the abhiyan. It was indeed an enriching experience. The awareness team motivated the public to take an initiative and bring about a change so as to nullify the spiralling down to oblivion. Thus, in this manner the abhiyan has spread information among the masses about an important issue that will certainly bring welfare to the society.

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