Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

 On the 31st of January,2016 the Awareness and Environment cell organized a Nukkad Natak in order to forge a perspective among people concerning the gravity of Cleanliness around homes, localities and in conclusion, our country. The Nukkad Natak comprised short yet powerful episodes of daily life circumstances, which people encounter, so as to give out the message of the glaring demerits of littering, effects of unclean environments on life and the ways in which one can contribute to cleaning and maintaining the surroundings.

Students performing nukkad natak
The event unfurled with the cell members spanning out in the streets of Solani Kunj as four groups and calling out to the people with zeal to come to listen to them. Once the people were were gathered, the members formed a circular arrangement in order to begin. After this, a small group of members would come inside the circle and would enact their roles while the ones in circle would interject as well as respond in the form a chorus. The closure of the event was with a chorus, reminding and projecting the motto of moving towards a cleaner and brighter future for India. Some of the episodes presented are a scene of a woman throwing out garbage in front their neighbour's house and her son, afterwards, slipping and injuring himself while coming home on the trash, another one was concerning our disrespect to, Gandhi, the man who lead our nation to freedom by disregarding his vision for a strong, healthy, and hygienic India.

In conclusion, the awareness team aimed to bring into notice a huge problem that a society faces today and the possible future scenarios which demonstrate the hazardous effects of littering and bad maintenance. The awareness team motivated the public to take an initiative and bring about a change so as to nullify the spiralling down to oblivion. Thus, in this manner the awareness cell has spread information among the masses about an important issue that will certainly bring welfare to the society.



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