Saturday, January 16, 2016

Drawing Competition

 Art needs no introduction, it speaks for itself. It’s said that “Drawing is exercise for a restless imagination”. To a person it imparts the ability to express things that are difficult to say. It enables others a peek of the creativity that lies hidden inside every one of us.

Children undoubtedly are the most artistic. RT Education cell of NSS IIT Roorkee endeavored to unleash the imagination of underprivileged children by organizing a drawing competition in the government school of the khanjarpur village. The event commenced in the morning at the school itself where the    students participated eagerly. The drawing materials like sheets, pencils, erasers, colors, etc was provided by the NSS. Children from classes 1 to 8 turned up for the competition in large numbers. All of them were excited.

The topic of the contest was “Save earth and save trees”. The event lasted about one and a half hours and then the drawing sheets were collected. Each entry was unique. The participants were called in the evening for prize distribution. After awarding first, second and third prizes from each class all the other children were given a pack of biscuits as consolation prize.

It was a successful endeavor by the students of the RT education cell of NSS that offered the poor children a way to express their thoughts.

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