Monday, November 23, 2015

Offering A Helping Hand To Paniyala

It is said that real India is found in the villages. The rural people have been safeguarding the true essence of the grand Indian culture till today. But the hardships of these people have always been overlooked by the government. Their interests are neglected and their lack of awareness is always exploited by others thus leading them to misery.
In order to tackle this nationwide problem, the dynamic Prime Minister of India launched an easy and affordable economic scheme named as ‘Jan Dhan se Jan Suraksha’. It aims at strengthening the financial stance of the people in rural areas.
To spread awareness regarding this government initiative, Pragati Cell of NSS, IIT Roorkee visited a village named Paniyala which is about five kilometers away from the campus.
Paniyala is a flourishing village where people welcomed the students warmly. The students interacted with the villagers and explained them about the scheme. The volunteers cleared the doubts of the people and helped them understand the benefits of the proposal. The people were also enthusiastic and showed interest. A total of about sixty people showed up for the event out which forty people got themselves enrolled to the various policies. There were two banks, Punjab National Bank and Bank of Baroda who attended to the villagers.
It was a successful endeavor by the Pragati Cell which plans on setting up a camp in Paniyala in September to assist the locals.

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