Friday, November 20, 2015

Know and Control Yourself

Self-control strength is a central construct to theories of willpower, optimal functioning, freedom from addiction, and abilities to override problematic social motives and behaviours (e.g., aggression).

Training the students on these grounds, NSS, IIT Roorkee under the aegis of DOSW organised a guest lecture on “Art of controlling yourself and discovering self-glory” by ISKCON speaker Dr. GG Krishna Murthy, a famous Youth Counsellor & Trainer of Communication, Meditation, Leadership and Time Management.

He came up with the objective of making every Tom, Dick, and Harry know their insight.
A small meditation session conducted by him took all and sundry into a world of calmness and peace. He portrayed various examples to show whatever has happened with us, it was our Past, but due to that Past, one should not spoil the future.

What he meant was that every great person in this world became great because he had a great control on himself and his wits. Everyone was totally engrossed in his speech. He was communicating with everyone as if he was amongst the audience only. He added that the reason for him being the Institute Silver medallist was self-control via ‘MEDITATION’.

The life history of Iskcon founder A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and Mother Teresa and the struggles they faced in their life filled every person with enthusiasm and confidence to face all difficult circumstances boldly and without any fear. He sighted example of Mahatma Gandhi highlighting the importance of having a good EQ.  His words were an eye-opener for everyone as everyone realised the importance of SQ and EQ over IQ and that meditation is powerful enough to make us have control on ourself. The lecture was mesmerising and ended with smiles and contentment.

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