Saturday, October 5, 2013


NSS, IIT Roorkee organized Vimarsh, a paper presentation event held every year during the cultural cum youth fest, THOMSO of the institute. This year it was on October 5, 2013. The event was also a competition which saw about 22 entries from various colleges across India, out of which 7 best abstracts were short-listed for the live event on October 5. The topic given to the students was “Is death penalty the only solution for crimes against women?”
                 Earlier the contestants were asked to submit an abstract of about 500 words for the listing. The event took off at the New Lecture Hall Complex at the Institute and was presided over by Mrs. Anasuya Banerji as the chief guest and judge alongside Mrs. SmithaJha, NSS Course Coordinator. The event started with an intro of Vimarsh and a speech and wishes of the chief guest.

                    Participants who were short listed presented their papers on the topic. The event included a question-answer session after each presentation both from the judges’ side and from the audience side. Majority of the participants were against death penalty as the only solution and many alternatives were provided. Some of those alternatives include awareness,more freedom in the form of bravery to the feminine from self-defense in such situations. The opposite argument for the topic was mainly focused on the view of death penalty as a short term solution, with immediate countermeasures plausible which would eventually lead to a long term eradication of this “disease” that has struck the national shame.

                 An interesting note in the course of the event was the freedom given to the audience to develop a minor debate among themselves whether a long term solution or a short term solution to be taken. A conclusion from the chief guest that every problem can only be removed slowly, a short term solution could only impart fear, not a realization. Fear is always curable and hence is temporary. So the short term solutions do not end this problem.

All the participants were keen on displaying the ideas and answered the questions given to them with a lot of thinking. A part of the presentations showed some facts on crimes against women which were shocking. The fact that a woman is molested in some form every 25 minutes in India puts the people of the country to a state of perpetual thinking.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks with prizes being given by the chief guests.

There were three prizes given and the winners were :

1st- Anisha and Isha of IIT Roorkee
2nd- Team Apoorva of G B Pant College

3rd-Navneet goel and Sukriti bansal of IIT Roorkee

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