Monday, October 14, 2013


“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”

― Chief Seattle

We owe to the next generation in inheritance, a world
better than the one we received,but what we are
actually bequeathing is- An earth chocked by wastes,
drained of its resources, withering away persistently.

 To make ourselves sentient of our duty, NSS ENVIRONMENTAL CELL organised an awareness presentation on conservation of the
environment on 14th October 2013 at the ABN school library, IIT ROORKEE .
students seeing presentation
 The presentation mainly covered
 the necessity of the reduction of
 the use of plastic, apart from
encompassing the need for the
 reduction of wastage of electricity,
water as well as the concept of
reuse and recycle. The spectators
involved about 75 students from
the 9th standard along with their classteacher.

 The event was hosted by Prateek Toshiwal, Environmental Cell Secretary, along with
a 2nd year and a first year student. The presentation included multimedia slides focused
on the judicial use of paper and electricity followed by well researched video
nss member explaining students

The video was child-centric so as to leave a deeper impression on the mind of the
students  who could relate the situation to themselves. The video involved a man
using a polythene bag which was repeatedly torn off by a little girl. This makes the
man angry, but when givena paper bag by the girl, he realises his fault. The gauge to
the receptiveness of the audience was the fact that they noticed that the actor in a video
left a polythene bag lying on the road, which forsooth showed their inquisitiveness. The
students were aware earlier, but the presentation livened up their enthusiasm.
At the end of the event, the students were motivated to carry a paper bag to the market.
Small steps like changing their own habits would have a chain effect. The children will
further spread the message of harmony with the nature to whom they will come in
contact with. The students were also inspired to join the annual environmental
awareness rally. Hence the event came to an end with all the attendees becoming more
aware about conserving the world in which they live.

According to Dharmendra Choudhary, the mind behind the presentation and videos,
the main aim of conducting such an event in schools was to catch these young minds
at an early stage as they are going to be the future and what can be better than a
 visual aid.

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