Sunday, October 20, 2013


When Oscar Wilde proclaimed theatre to be the greatest of all art forms, he was merely
stating reality. Theatre provides a personal connect with the audience and the audience
is made to visualize, imbibe and think with the story played out before their eyes.On
Saturday, 19th oct,the streets to bring to the audience a story on the significance of blood
donation and to encouragethe students to participate by donating blood in the Blood
Donation Camp to be conducted the next day, i.e, on Sunday, 20th oct.The
protagonist named Rohit, played by Arpit Mishra, is a vibrant young lad shunned by
his foster family, comprising of his aunt, uncle and his cousin. His aunt, slyly using his
involvement in a blood donation camp at his campus as an excuse, excludes him from a
family trip. Disaster strikes as the family is caught in a flood. The son of the family is
hurt  and in direct need of blood.The family turns to Rohit for help, and he rises to the
occasion. Rohit, with his blood donor’s card, saves the life of his cousin, thereby
winning the hearts and in direct need of the audience alike.

The cast, though amateurs, put up a commendable show. The audience was provided
with an engrossing and entertaining half hour. At the end, Shashank Jha provided the
audience with morefood for thought with a heart touching rendition of his own poem on
 blood donation. He also dispelled several myths regarding blood donation.

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