Thursday, October 24, 2013


With a view to study the demand and needs related to the utilization of paper bags
 instead of polythene bags and the bound objective of banning the use of synthetic
polymers, NSS Environment Cell, IIT Roorkee organized a survey on 24th oct,13.
 at Century Gate, IIT Roorkee to Kundan Sweets, Civil Lines.

                                          The survey came out with certain learning and outcomes.
While some shopkeepers nodded positively to whether they use paper bags or not,
some alleged the public for the rising trends in demand. Some of them, like like the
 medical stores and the peanut- trolley owners whole heartedly welcomed the
 move and ordered for paper bags in appreciable amount. But, there were some
 high- sounding shops also who denied bags made of newspapers under the
 guise of veritable status issues.
         The result of the survey was worthy and encouraging, as well simultaneously.
 About 300 kg of paper bags of all types costing Rs. 25/ kg were ordered by
various shopkeepers and as a result, this move will engender employment
opportunities for the weak, disabled and the willing unemployed in the rural
stretches of Roorkee and its vicinity. Thus, the drive was completed with
 utmost enthusiasm by the students.

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