Friday, August 22, 2014

Teach for India

Teach For India
Teach For India is a nationwide movement of outstanding college graduates
and professionals working towards eliminating educational inequity in India.
The major objective of this program is to provide education to students who cannot get proper education. It provides fellowship to graduates who teach uneducated Indians for 2 years. Actually, Teach for America was the first  program that was initially started. It was successful and so Teach for India stepped in, which enlightened the hopes of Indian. In India also, initiatives are taken by graduates who work under low salary and provide education.

An image describing the case
IIT ROORKEE students got a golden opportunity to communicate with one of the members of Teach for India, Mr. Shivendu Chatterjee. He started his lecture by saying that we will be angry when we leave this hall. Everyone was shocked and couldn’t understand the reason. Then he showed us a picture in which there were six children carrying bags. But 2 were carrying school bags while remaining 4 were carrying garbage bags. Scenario was very clear and we understood the reason. Further he informed that in India 5% students never get a chance to see any book. Not only that, he told 90% of students do not study after 12th because of many reasons.

He clearly explained the difference between illiterate and uneducated people. Illiterate are those who don’t know anything to read or write while uneducated are those who don’t get proper education.He even showed us few videos of alumni who had joined Teach for India and today their students have done so many great activities not only in studies but also in development of country. He then ended his lecture and everyone had mixed feelings. Some were sad and angry knowing the real condition of poor children while some where happy as these type of programs are there to help those poor students.

The Vision

To conclude it was an encouraging session and many looked forward to join Teach for India.

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