Saturday, August 23, 2014

A helping hand to paniyala

Explaining the reason to visit

Imagine being trapped in the most remote villages of India. Imagine a place where most facilities necessary for a basic standard of sustenance are absent. Imagine a place that hasn’t yet developed from its medieval ages, a time when one still relies on idols and rituals for rain and good harvest…. Imagine being insignificant in a competent world…
Having survey of villagers

 Date 23/08/14 when Pragati Cell of NSS IIT Roorkee decided to make a change to that matter. A decision to make the people aware of the facilities they are offered and make it avail to them. The members of the Pragati Cell conducted a survey on the village. 

The survey took place upholding two major prospects. One was to find the number of people whose feet were disabled. This was solely a Pragati Cell motive. They were to take the count and details in order to submit it to the The Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayatha Samiti (BMVSS) as a part of their program popularly known as Jaipur Foot. The objective of this program is to provide artificial legs to those who have lost their foot.

The secondary objective of the survey was a central one relating to all off-campus cells, including Pragati Cell. The aim was to conduct a survey based on the needs of Toilets among the residents of Paniyala. The results of the survey is to be handed over to the Sulabh International Social Service Organization which is an NGO working for the sole purpose of improving the sanitation in Indian Communities as a part of their program known as Sulabh Sanitation Movement.

This program has lately gained tremendous public support and its enthusiastic social activities has been praised by honoring its founder, Dr. Brindeshwar Pathat with the Stockholm Water Prize and many more.
NSS team visited Village

The team consisting of around 20 people surveyed through the village, visiting almost 250 or more houses and interacting with them gathering necessary information about the programs. Almost 57 people or families were either handicapped or were lacking the basic sanitary facilities. The response of the villagers seemed to be positive as they welcomed the offers with gratitude. Thus the Pragati cell has once again proved its values as a off-campus students social organization.

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