Friday, August 15, 2014

Tree Plantation


The great scientist Albert Einstein once  said- “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand better.”To Follow his saying ,Tree Plantation drive was organized by the National Service Scheme (NSS) students of IIT Roorkee on the eve of Independence Day. A total of fifteen saplings were planted throughout the campus of IITR.
Dr.D.K.Nauriyal, Dr.SmitaJha,Dr.Inderdeep Singh planting 
                                        The program  began with plantation of  saplings at the Mandi Cell lawn by the Dean of Students’ Welfare Dr.D.K.Nauriyal, the NSS coordinator Dr.SmitaJha, Dr.Inderdeep Singh and others. Then two saplings were planted in front of the Institute Hospital by the Chief Medical Officer Dr.M.K.Jha. Further, more plants like Dussheri Mango, Guava and Jamun were planted in the campus near Azad Bhawan, ABN School, etc. The students walked through the campus and carried out the program with great zeal and enthusiasm. Dr.SmitaJha also addressed  students about initialising the cleaning of  Ganga Canal.
Students get motivated

                                       This Tree Plantation drive taught the students to observe and learn from nature. Trunk of a tree teaches to stay strong, branches teach to bend as per situation. Planting trees also contribute for the betterment of future generations. In this way, NSS IIT Roorkee stepped ahead in making the campus greener.  

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