Friday, August 15, 2014

Institute Quiz

Day after day our dependence on internet is increasing extremely to obtain many things such as: information, research on various topics, communicating with each other across the globe in order to have more comprehension about people, customs and for exchange of thoughts and ideas with others. One of the motivating ways for increasing information and getting fun at the same time is general knowledge quizzes. They help us to keep our minds fit and agile.

        In consideration of the above thoughts NSS,IIT Roorkee organised ‘Institute Quiz’ on the occasion of 15th August,2014 at 5 pm. The quiz was held at Mandi cell of IIT Roorkee campus. The quiz was open to all the students of IIT Roorkee in groups of two.  About 10 teams participated in the quiz enthusiastically. A total of 36 questions were asked related to general knowledge about Indian history, Current Affairs etc. The questions were being presented to the participants on screen through a projector. Some of the questions were like ‘When was the Tiranga first planted on Mount Everest?’ , ‘How many High Courts are there in India?’ ,etc. The quiz continued for about half an hour and the students participated with full eager and zeal. The programme proved to be a great achievement and was also a great initiative of NSS, IIT Roorkee. Such events also inculcate a habit of learning among youths.

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