Saturday, August 30, 2014


Appreciable work by NSS
The small village of Panialla witnessed a young group of enthusiastic teenagers who tried to eradicate substance abuse, alcoholism and smoking. 9 kilometers away from IIT Roorkee, Panialla is known for some serious substance users and alcoholics. Posters were put up everywhere and students were assigned a poster each. Their job was to try and make the villagers understand the harmful effects of these bad habits through these posters. A doctor was present too and free medicine was available. All these amenities including the posters had been provided by the ‘Brahmkumaris’.
Our volunteer convincing Mr. Rakesh 
The event opened by the entry of Mr. Rakesh, a sweeper by profession. He has been a ‘Beedi’ user for the last 30 years of his life. Students explained the consequences he could suffer in a beautiful way and the doctor, B.K. Lakshmichand, encouraged him to quit Beedi. Rakesh says ‘It was very informative. I had a pleasant experience. I earn about ten rupees a day and used to spend four rupees on the bad stuff. I have realized I was wrong.’ Risha was the first woman to attend the event. She too has been a Beedi user. The doctor didn’t judge her. He did his best to help her and she was happy to be a part of the event.


Slowly the crowd increased. A fair number of women were present too. Two young users Pankaj and Bittu found all the presentations informative. They left happily with their medicines. Old women and kids were present too to see what was happening. They had a fun time when the photographer took pictures of them.  Video presentations were shown by the seniors as they felt that it was better to show the ill consequences rather than just talking about it. Kids watched the videos enthusiastically.

A blessing in disguise
 Salman and Salim were two kids aged ten. They were very shy. Salman had come here to learn about the consequences of alcohol. It turns out that his father is a chronic alcoholic. He says he’ll never drink or use drugs. He was happy to get some useful information from this event. It is hard to find such maturity in a kid of his age.  Salman is a bright kid with a bright future.
B.K. Lakshmichand, the doctor
B.K. Lakshmichand, the doctor, is an amazing person. He was non-judgmental and very knowledgeable. He spoke a lot about life and emphasized on the fact that it’s all in the mind. Just sufficient will power was required to quit bad habits. He also gave examples as to how costly cancer and gangrene treatment could be. He kept telling the parents to think about their children, to think about their future, to love them and to teach them the good habits and ethics which are essential to live a good and comfortable life. He told everyone that they must return to God the way he sent them, in sobriety. Everyone spoke highly of the doctor. Dr. Lakshmichand is truly an amazing personality.
Our Nss Team
 Arshad, the cell secretary, was very pleased with the outcome. There were sixty people who turned up and the event went on smoothly. He is looking forward for the next one where the Pragati team will cover two villages. He hopes that the people who turned up understand the consequences of their actions and will quit immediately.
The Great work by NSS
 The event was a success. Everyone was happy with the outcome. The students did a wonderful job. The doctor was given appreciation for donating his valuable time. The localities were satisfied and they hope that their loved ones will soon become clean and healthy. All in all it was a successful event.






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