Monday, October 1, 2012

Special Lecture Series for Students in Prerna Class

Apart from their regular educational schedule, the Prerna cell has started a special lecture series for the students of classes 11th and 12th for strengthening their core concepts in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. A lecture of 2 hours is conducted every Sunday at Mandi Cell focussing on a single topic from the aforementioned subjects at a time. Under the programme, three successful lectures have been conducted till now, from one from each of the subjects. The first two lectures were held on the topics—Circuit Theory (Physics) and Vectors (Maths) by Tarun Gangwar (II year) and Tanuj Agrawal (III year) respectively which received a very good response from the students. The last lecture for the autumn semester was held on Valence Bond Theory (Chemistry) which too was highly successful. This initiative, in the long run will surely cater to the needs of the young minds of the surrounding towns and villages preparing for boards as well as the competitive exams and ensure that they can crack the exams to have a bright future.

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