Monday, October 8, 2012

Making of the Yuva Team in Bhangendi Village

On Saturday, 7th October, a motivational video on health, hygiene and food was presented before the children through a projector. The video aimed at instilling in the children general awareness about personal cleanliness and its importance in life. The students were also made acquainted with the political map of the Indian sub-continent and were taught to identify basic geographical features like their own country, surrounding water bodies, their current location and other interesting stuff.

Alongside all this, Model Village also did a survey of the village youth regarding their name, age, education, marks obtained in previous class, father’s name and job and contact information. The purpose was to make a ‘Yuva Team’ comprising of competent young people (15-25 years of age) from the village who will help in identifying and solving the internal problems gnawing the village and willalso help in extending the reach of the Model Village cell itself.

At the end of the day, the children and the NSS volunteers had a little playtime in the backyard with the children riding their bicycles in the narrow roads of the village. One could see the satisfaction and happiness that those proficiency holders obtained from getting to relive their childhood.

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tarun mangla said...

hii...this is Tarun from IIT Delhi..we have been playing similar initiatives in our college..colud you please share the link of the video that you showed to kids..