Monday, September 24, 2012

Initial Surveying at Bhangedi Village

This year, the village opted by the Model Village Cell of NSS Chapter of IIT Roorkee was Bhangedi Village which is at a distance of 4km from IIT Roorkee Campus. The activities for the new session began on 23rd September 2012. The events included teaching and gaming activities for children, collection of water samples for pollution testing and a survey for tree plantation drive.
After reaching the village near Valmiki temple at morning 10.30 a.m, three groups were formed. The first group comprising of about ten people went to cover the whole village and collect water samples from the roadside hand pumps to be tested in civil department laboratory for any sort of pollution. The other group with about the same number of people surveyed the full village to identify suitable places for tree plantation and developed the map of the village with the identified places marked on it for reference on the day of tree plantation. Rest of the people stayed back in the Valmiki temple and taught the village children gathered in the temple for some time and later had a gaming session with them. All the activities embarked the new session for Model Village and laid down the path for further activities in the session and gave a chance to the members of the cell for a healthy interaction with the village community.

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