Monday, September 24, 2012

NSS Day Celebrations

It is very natural for an Institute of national importance like ours to broaden its vision and indulge in social service. NSS IIT Roorkee has been providing a remarkable service to the society. Since its beginning days during 1970s, 24th of September every year is celebrated as the NSS day all over India to mark its beginning in 1969.
This year at IIT Roorkee, as a special event for the day, students were asked to give a presentation on the very thought provoking topic, "Should social service be included in the course curriculum of the students?" and the best presentations were to be awarded. Senior members of the NSS, Arpit Mittal and Kanishk (Former Secretaries of NSS) presided over as the judges. The event, which was held in the convocation hall at 6.30pm, witnessed an excellent audience. A total of seven teams participated in the event.
Though all the teams seemed to support the idea that social service should be included in the curriculum, they differed in their arguments. The teams discussed social service at very different perspectives that the audience found it intellectually amusing. It will be very right to say that the presentations got the audience thinking. From history of social service to the various NGOs present in the country, the teams explored the length and breadth of social service. One of the notable performances was of Gunjal Singh and Parul Singh, with their sweet voices and influencing delivery, which bag the first prize in the competition. The team of Astha Khurana and Shivani Soni won the second prize, while Aman Gupta's team and Prakhar Agarwal's team shared the third place.

In between the presentations a really influential video of NSS work with the physically handicapped people of a nearby village, Khanjarapur was screened. The video portrayed emotionally the gratefulness of the handicapped people, who were given free treatment in Delhi. Then, Prof. Anjan Sil, the Program Officer of NSS, took the podium to give a small talk to influence the students to give even more importance to social service. Following him, Shashank Jha, a 2nd year member of NSS, gave an impressive presentation to brief the first year students about the various cells and activities of NSS IITR. As a conclusion to the event, the general secretary of NSS IIT-R, Kapil Suyal gave a thanking note to everyone present. At the end of the day, the event left the students to participate more actively in social service than they are presently. Thus, we can say that this event met its objectives with grace.


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