Friday, September 21, 2012

Blood Donation Motivation Program

Before the big event, a motivational Seminar with esteemed doctors and professionals as guests was organised at the Convocation Hall in IIT-R. The objective of the event was to encourage the students to participate by donating blood in the Blood Donation Camp to be conducted the next day i.e. on Saturday, 22th September.
The event started with a skit performed by the students of IIT-R with the message of humanity and brotherhood, defining blood donation as a great deed of humanity with the lines – ‘Raktdaan k liye pehalwaan hona zaruri nai, insaan hona jaruri hai’. Dr. Neha Tyagi and Dr. Robin from Himalayan Institute Hospitals, Jollygrant said that the health of donor is important because while a safe donor gives life, an unsafe donor can infect the recipient. Any healthy human between 18 and 65 years of age can donate blood and can save three or more lives. They also talked about the taboos related to girls for blood donation. They added that if the young generation pledges and comes forward to donate blood, there will be no dearth of blood worldwide.
Spreading awareness on the subject, Dr. Sachin Sharma, IMA Dehradun, in his talk said that blood donation is good for our health as it regulates the cholesterol level and reduces heart related problems and is also good for oral health. The withdrawn blood volume is restored within 24 hours of donation. He also allayed other fears and misconceptions regarding blood donation. Further Dr. Supreet, Civil Hospital Roorkee, told about the facts and myths related to blood donation and encouraged the students to donate blood and make a difference in someone’s life. She also made the audience aware about truth behind the myths and misconceptions prevalent about blood donation among the masses like-deterioration of health after blood donation, theory about limited blood in the body, and excessive time consumption in the process of donation and a few others of them.
On a concluding note, Dr. Smita Jha, Program Officer - NSS IITR, encouraged the students to come forward for the noble cause with her magical words. The Seminar ended with a moving presentation highlighting the need for blood donation.

Indeed a great number

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