Sunday, January 20, 2013

Visit to Majra by NSS Nirmaan

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” With this spirit NSS-Nirman visited a small village Majra, near Roorkee on 20th January 2013.Every weekend, a team comprising of 8 first yearites and 2 second yearites teach the children of every class and background there. Their classrooms are none as big as ours but it is the porch of the village temple. In the words of a localite, Harish Kumar, who has been instrumental in creating awareness about NSS Nirman in Majra, “Well, the programme started three years back and the village has been greatly benefited by their works.”The turnout was ordinary as compared to other days since it was their first visit after the semester break.Generally the children of the village also look forward to them, for some it was just a diversion in their daily routine while some came with dreams in their twinkling eyes. “I want to become an IAS”, Gulpham, an 8th std boy, said instantly while studying about the judiciary of India while Maneesh just wants to get goodgrades in his 10th class boards. Chanting of English alphabets chorused during the two hours of teaching by the little ones. The children especially enjoy the events organized by the NSS team time to time round the year. It also proves to be an attractive way of promoting the social cause, marked up active participation of hundreds of children. The cell is indeed doing some great work in the village.

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