Monday, January 21, 2013

Go Green - Leave Polythene !!!

Student Empowerment Cell, Environment Cell and RT-Awareness Cell of NSS IIT Roorkee organised a rally on the roads of the city to motivate people to support the ban of polythene bags. All the students gathered at the ABN ground by 11:30 in the morning, divided themselves in groups of six and moved in different directions. The rally went to the various major public places of the city including Roorkee Talkies, Civil Line Market, Chandrashekhar Chowk, shouting slogans to enlighten the public about the negative aspects of excessive use of polythene bags and its long term disadvantages. The students participated in large numbers, made posters depicting hazards on mother-nature showing their enthusiasm for the cause and their rage against this malpractice at the same time. Everybody in one voice appealed people to make minimal use of goods and bags made from plastic, recycling them, reusing them as far as possible and extending their support to the government for protecting this planet. 

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