Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spread Greenery to the Hostel Rooms in IITR and say we r close to Environment

Hi friends,
I got new idea, Distributing 1 or 2 plants to every student in the campus of IIT Roorkee, ofcourse only to those who are really interested, to keep in their Balconies.

We have Good green environment in the campus. I accept that, but what made me to think in this way is our rooms environment is totally away from the environment of campus. Dark, disappointing, uncleaned rooms and balconies. But I hope a plant can serve better for this cause, I think there is no need to prove.

For Example, 3 weeks before I brought 4 Plants and kept in my Balcony. Now one of them is with full of Flowers. I can't explain howmuch relief I get whenever I open my Balcony door and see those Plants and Flowers. You too can see them from the road before Ravindra Bhawan in the middle balcony in the 1st floor.

Ofcourse I am sure that many people will be Knowing much about Plants and Gardening than the a,b,c,d s I know in these areas. Please come up with your Ideas and Comments.

with regards
Naga Maddilety Reddy A.,
B. Arch 3yr,
F-8, Ravindrabhawan,
IIT Roorkee.

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