Thursday, February 7, 2008

nearly 1000 children not tasted fruits of education near IITR campus

 Last Sunday(3rd feb'08), I have been to Kaliyar, a village 7km away from IIT Roorkee towards Haridwar.
There is a Darga which is very famous and attracts many Muslim Brothers from all over India, even from Pakistan.

When I entered the Village I really astonished to see the no.of huts (nearly 300-400) on the banks of Ganga Canal in bad condition. And can you guess what all the members in every family including children do for a  living?? BEGGING....
Very  few  work in some hotels and shops nearby. These people have migrated from many parts of the country, some even from Pakistan.

The sad part of this story is that..... nearly 1000 children from all those families have not been to school till now. We have to do something to show them how precious education is . Even many children from that village also have not been to school till now(1 primary school and 1 high school till 8th Std. are located in that village).

First we have to create awareness in them about education........ only then any of our plans will work.....

U can share ideaz here itself.....
otherwise in orkut community : NSS - PRERNA 2007-08

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Naga Maddilety Reddy. A,
B. arch 3yr


sainath said...
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Naga Maddilety said...

Definetly, I will take care of it. Thanx for giving Idea. Now I will search in every Bhawan canteen for Children. As we are teaching them from 2-4pm i hope there will be no problem to the canteen management in sending them to us. Infact i will take care of every child labour in the campus. Help me in this matter to search for children 4-10yrs age in the campus.