Sunday, April 20, 2008

Willing to teach children?

Dear All,
You may be knowing that NSS - Prerna, IIT Roorkee is organizing evening classes to educate the underprivileged children staying in & around the campus. Most of them are children of workers of the IITR campus, and come from the campus as well as from the surrounding villages Khanjarpur, Bhangeri, Tailiwala, old roorkee etc.

Due to coming mid-semester exams and summer vacations yesterday NSS - Prerna had declared holidays for next 3 months. Children are very much interested in studying and want no holidays.

So we are here to invite volunteers to teach those, most willing to study, children. We can start classes from 14th may'08 if at least 5 volunteers will be available to teach. If any one of you have time to teach them from now onwards you are most welcome. Those who are staying, at least for 20 days, in the campus during summer vacations can contribute significantly for this noble cause.

Who knows your guidence or teaching may create one more Abdul Kalam or Dhirubai Ambani or some other great, greatest personnel. It will be a great chance to create a smile on a child face. It may be a small but significant contribution to make India the Great Nation.

Loads of Satisfaction is guaranteed along with lot of affection from children.

Please contact for more details through,

with regards,
Naga M Reddy A.,
B. Arch 3 Yr,
NSS - Prerna Secretary.

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