Friday, October 2, 2015

RT Education organizes event on Gandhi Jayanti

“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” It is this very quote which motivates the members of the RT Education Cell of NSS, IIT Roorkee to go to the Khanjarpur village on a near daily basis and teach those children who can’t afford education. But that is not their only purpose as many fun events are also organized by them for the entertainment and knowledge enhancement of the kids. And one such event was held on the auspicious day of 2nd October, 2015, that is Gandhi Jayanti.

The event was a fun activity held mainly to make the children aware about Mahatma Gandhi’s role in fighting injustice in both South Africa and India.

The event began sharp at 6PM, right after the classes of the children held there prior to six. The first half of the program involved showing a movie on Gandhi to the children present there. The movie traced Gandhi’s life from birth up until his return to India and his subsequent non-cooperation movement. The movie taught the kids that being honest to oneself and to our loved ones is a very important thing in life.

 In the second half of the program the children were asked general questions based on the movie. And those who were able to correctly answer were given lovely gifts. A few of the children even answered multiple times. And with this, the event came to a conclusion around 7PM.

After the short movie and quiz, a few of the children were even commended for the great academic progress that they had shown over the previous few weeks.

Seeing the enthusiasm of the kids it can be firmly stated that these children are interested and even excited to learn and grow.

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