Friday, October 2, 2015

Essay Writing And Quiz Competition Organised By NSS Model Village

 On 2nd October, an essay competition was organized for the students with the topic ‘Mahatma Gandhi - A great leader’ and ‘Lal Bahadur Shastri’ to create awareness among the young minds about these great gems of our country. The students of Bhangeri village who are taught by the volunteers of NSS Model Village cell were really excited for the event.

The students of Std. 2nd to 7th participated in the competition. As it was a holiday to the normal teaching activities, the students were advised to come to the school for the events. There were nearly 40 students who participated in the events.

A Quiz competition was also held on the topic of our National heritage, the same day. Both the events received stupendous response from the students. It was declared that an award ceremony will be organized for the students who came up with flying colours in these events later. These event not only helped the students get enlightened and enriched by the preaching’s and noble works of these great leaders but also gave them a chance to develop writing skills and competitive spirit as well.

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