Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cloth Collection Drive

             On the morning of 7th January, the sun was shining high up in the sky sharing its warmth with the world. Well that’s not so true. It had rained that day and the wind was furious. But that didn’t dampen the spirits of the NSS volunteers. 7th January witnessed the annual, CLOTH COLLECTION DRIVE, organized by NSS, aimed at making the spine chilling winters a pleasant one for the poor.

NSS Team after Cloth Collection

             On 5th January, NSS had organized a publicity to spread awareness among the people for the need to donate their old clothes. Its success was visible when the volunteers went knocking on the doors of the neighborhood. They returned with bags and bags of clothes, an evidence of the existing humanity. “A smile of joy was seen on every face knowing that their clothes will clad new lives with warmth and love,” shared a volunteer. More than 1500 kg of clothes were collected which were then sorted according to age, size and gender, for easy distribution, into bags that stood tall and proud.
Cloth Distribution

             The following day the clothes were distributed not only within the four walls of IITR but a bus laden with clothes was even visible on the roads of Haridwar. Sadbhawna, Shiv Mandir Kust Ashram, Chandrasekher Azad Kust Ashram Samiti were a few places that were visited.

          The love, disguised in the form of clothes, brought a priceless smile on the beautiful faces, which will be cherished by all.  

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Anonymous said...

I missed the donation, but i have loads of clothes to disperse away. Can i still donate?