Monday, November 9, 2009

Newspaper Collection Drive

To get the best out of the waste, NSS IIT ROORKEE conducted a newspaper collection drive. The event was held on Sunday, 8th November’09 in the campus of IITR involving all the hostels. More than 80 NSS volunteers participated in this drive. The volunteers started collecting the newspapers at 10 in the morning. Groups of 8-10 volunteers went to each & every doorstep of all the bhawans in IITR. The IITR students willingly cooperated with the volunteers by giving their old newspapers.

The enthusiasm and zeal of the volunteers was very well depicted when the pile of old newspaper was congregated. In terms of facts, a whopping 2730 kilograms of newspapers were collected. These old newspapers were then sold to junk sellers (raddiwalahs). Some of the newspapers were also given to village women to make envelopes out of these. The money collected from selling the newspapers is used by the finance section of the NSS for constructive purposes. The old newspaper waste is converted into a productive and beneficial form. The drive was very successful as it not only cleared the campus of its paper waste but also provided NSS with funds and the village women with some employment. Similar drives will be held in future for the benefits of the society as a whole.

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