Thursday, November 12, 2009

Avrodh: NSS Skit during Thomso 09

NSS IIT Roorkee organized an awareness skit “Avrodh” during Thomso 2009. The street play aimed at analyzing the generation gap and bringing into notice the pitiable plight of our elder generation. Many successful people often neglect their parents and their children have a tendency to get involved in the wrong things. Our skit tried to highlight the mistakes of both the youth as well as the elder generation. It was a fifteen minute play which was enacted at the UG floor. The play was successful in raising some very logical questions on our behavior. Even during rehearsals, the gathering of the crowd was highly motivating. The effort was highly appreciated by the crowd though it could have been better had there been the absence of loud music.

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I guess we have to blame the marketers for being so creative and convincing.