Sunday, December 14, 2008

We'll give M.F Hussain a run for his money

The whole semester has passed by so fast that even the holidays are unplanned for. But it has been a productive semester so far , productive in every sense of the word.

It started with resuming the Prerna classes. Then came the Blood Donation Camp which became a great success followed by the surveys for pilot of a big project called 'SEED- Stimulating Education and Enhancing Development' which is sponsored by PAN IIT alumni and then implementation of the paper bags project - Polythene Free Campus. 

Well , after so much activity we decided, to have a break. To do something which would refresh our minds and prepare us for another semester. Finally we came up with an idea of conducting an Art mela.

We booked the open air theatre for the morning. Sahith ,secy of the Fine Arts section and Jaya Khanna, winner of all three prizes in Fine Arts Section during Shrishti'08 of the Hobbies club, were the judges of the event. To our surprise even the nocturnal IITians along with school cildren from near by villages turned up at the venue on time. Open air theatre was the set for our 3 hrs of fun and frolic with the colors. Some of us painted landscapes, some painted events and others followed up with abstract art. Sahith and Jaya Khanna had a few words of appreciation for the amateur artists .

The meet ended on a high note with prizes distributed to children. While distributing prizes I felt great in seeing happiness in the winners eyes.But at the same time when I saw the big crowd with sad faces for not getting prizes I felt a small pinch in my heart, which gave me a silly thought 'why we are distributing prizes to only some, why not to all'. All of us posed for photographs .

Many of us held crayons for the first time were now confident that drawing could be done even without a scale. Well Hussain saab Bach ke rehnaa, hum aa gaye hain .

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