Saturday, December 13, 2008

NSS at your doorstep

A biographer once asked Napoleon about the secret behind his success. Then came his famous quote "I don't wait for the opportunities to come knocking on my door. I create opportunities".

NSS at IIT Roorkee is trying to ban plastic bags inside the campus. We learnt that a similar project implemented in Haridwar encountered a lot of opposition from the vendors. So, first we approached the main sources of plastic bags, the fruit chatwallahs and the canteen. We learnt that they had an usage of about 500 bags per day. 500 bags per day! This was no mean task. We had to provide for so much newspaper each day. 

Now, I don't know what Napoleon would have done about this but we launched a drive to collect newspaper from the students. Volunteers were allotted to the hostels where they knocked at the doors of each and every resident of the hostel. The timing was perfect, the nocturnal IITians wake up at noon to have their lunch and there was a volunteer at his door.

We collected newspaper that would suffice the production of paperbags for 2 months and then there would be another drive. We would remain indebted to all the students who took part in this great cause either as a volunteer who took all the trouble to go to each and every room in the campus or as a donor.

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