Saturday, September 5, 2015

Award giving function on the occasion of teacher's day

On the occasion of Teachers’ Day on September 5,  an event was organized by IIT Roorkee to felicitate the achievements of the esteemed teachers of the institute. The event was greeted by the auspicious presence of Prof K.G. Ranga Raju as the chief guest. Prof. Vinod Kumar- Hon’ble Director, Prof. M Parida, Prof P.K. Ghosh, Prof. Deepak Kashyap and Prof. Yogendra Singh were among the other notable personalities present in the event .  Faculty members, their families, students and members from the press and media comprised the audience of the event.

Adhering to the traditions of IIT Roorkee, the event started with the recitation of the ‘Kul Geet’ followed by the Guests paying their tribute to Dr. S Radhakrishnan, in whose remembrance Teachers’ Day is celebrated nationwide. The honorable (acting) Director Prof. Vinod Kumar was introduced to the audience by Prof. P.K. Ghosh and was welcomed with a huge round of applause. Prof. Vinod Kumar addressed the gathering and talked about “Guru” being the “Remover of Ignorance”. He also talked about the “Outstanding Teacher Award-2015” which was being awarded to three eminent professors of the institute, Prof. Z Ahmad-Dept. of Civil Engg. , Prof. Bhupinder Singh -Dept. of Civil Engg.  and Prof. Nagendra Kumar-Dept. of Humanities. The event proceeded with Prof. Deepak Kashyap reading the citation of all the awardees. The awardees were invited on the stage and were presented with a memento and certificate by Prof. Ranga Raju for their extraordinary contribution to the Institute.

The awardees expressed their gratitude towards the institute and shared some sagacious advice with the students. While Prof. Ahmad talked about hard work having no substitute, Prof. Bhupinder Singh who was being awarded for the second time dedicated this award to his students. Prof. Nagendra Kumar thanked his family, teachers and the institute for the award.

 Prof. Parida then introduced Prof. K. G. Ranga Raju and invited him to the podium for the address of the Chief Guest. In his talk, Prof. Ranga Raju talked about the changes that have taken place in the way of teaching over the last 50 years. His address included some suggestions to the present generation of teachers for making education more effective.

 Prof. Vinod Kumar then presented Prof. Ranga Raju with a memento and the event concluded with everyone standing for the National Anthem. 

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