Monday, September 8, 2014


The Environment Cell of NSS – IIT ROORKEE has taken a giant leap forward in their motto of safeguarding Mother Nature by preparing advantegeous Organic Fertilizer from daily squandering of vegetable peels. The demonstration of the whole procedure was done at Azad Bhawan by the NSS students in the presence of NSS Coordinator Dr. Smita Jha and Prof. Navin Kumar Navani. This idea is a brain child of Prof. Navani. The peels are mixed with a chemical which is a mixture of micro organisms forming Lactic acid and are derived from yogurt, cheese and jaggery water is added which catalyses the work of these micro organisms. The organic fertilizer is prepared just within 7 days and is easy on the pocketbook too. Dr. Smita Jha was overwhelmed by the perseverance displayed by the students and while addressing them said, “These students have shown how NSS works. The underlying objective of NSS to serve the nation is getting fulfilled by the use of technology coupled with intelligence for betterment of society.” The program was concluded on this note.

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