Friday, July 18, 2014


The Simple Path Silence is Prayer , Prayer is Faith ,Faith is Love , Love is Service .The Fruit of Service is Peace
  Mother Teresa


We are back!
 The NSS team is here, this time with fresh minds and rejuvenated enthusiasm. Abiding by the motto, “ Not for me, but for the Nation ”, NSS IITR has and will continue to organise various activities for social welfare aimed to achieve a dual target: spreading goodwill and instilling values of compassion and benevolence in the young minds along with uplifting the society and alleviating its grievances.

Meet the members of the current team :

Executive team for NSS for year 2014-15:
General Secretary
Mohit Tanwar 
Deputy General Secretary
Pratik Toshniwal
Joint Secretary on Campus
Novel Jindal, Aman Agarwal
Joint Secretary off Campus
Abhishek Agarwal, Avneet Siddharth
Joint Secretary of Administration
Sagar Garg
On Campus Cells:

Technocreative-Editorial                   Vibhor Agarwal       
Technocreative-Design                     Shahin Shah
Technocreative-Photography           Piyush Kumar
Technocreative-Web Design           Aakarsh Agarwal
        Shubham Nayak , Neetu Shyoran , Himanshu Tyagi            Manisha Verma 
        Rohit Saini, Keshav Mehta
Event Management and Promotions  
         Ashish Gupta, Ajay Chhangani
Off Campus Cells
Ankit kumar , Arshad Ali Shaikh
Himanshu Dubey and Shreya Srivastava
RT Education
Rahul Jain, Vaibhav Gupta and Saket kumar
Model Village
RajKumar Bagaria , Rahul E B and Prem Bhargav
Aphsar  Rizwan, Shivam Dixit and Ravi Kamal

Planning and Drafting Cell                 Anjali Ahuja, Kritika Kulshrestha

Join us in our initiative to work for the betterment of the society. Keep yourself updated on our ventures for social welfare, and share your thoughts and feedback on our activities through your comments.

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