Tuesday, June 18, 2013


In June 2013 Uttarakhand faced the wrath
of nature.A multi-day cloud burst caused
devastating floods landslides. NSS IITR
organized a cloth distribution drive to
donate the clothes to the victims of
Uttarakhand tragedy. These were the
clothes collected during the month of
January surrounding 2013 from allover
the campus  & areas. The total clothes
weighed more than 2 tonnes (over
2000 kg).
            Although the clothes were planned
 to be distributed in the winter  itself but the
 clothes were collected last year   more than
enough forthis year’s winters.The institute
was on holidays those days on  account of
summer vacationsbut the clothes were
carriedawayto Dehradun to donate to CM’s

relief fund withthe help of some M.Tech and PHD scholars along with the
former general secretary of NSS Mr. Arpit Mittal under the guidance of
Mrs. Smitha Jha, Program Officer,NSS IITR totalling to mere 13 people.
Theclothes were donated to the relief fund inpresence of top officials like
DM and SDO.

It was a major achievement on the part of NSS IITR as all this was done during the
holidays when no undergraduate NSS student was present in the campus and with the
voluntary contribution of the Postgraduate students.

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