Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Revival...

“For men may come and men may go,
But I go on forever”
-The Brook, Alfred Lord Tennyson
Sun rises and sets, seasons come and go, but eventually return back, returning even strongly than ever before. With this we present you back, the blog of National Service Scheme IIT Roorkee initiated to highlight the progress of National Service Scheme to a wider audience.

“There is only one religion-religion of love. There is only one language-language of heart. There is only one caste-caste of humanity. There is only one way-way to service”
-Mother Teresa

This is not a single blog post, but it’s just a start, a start to promote and motivate people towards this noble deed, a start to convey the tremendous work done by NSS IITR. Presenting this blog to share thoughts, ideas and to couple them with hard work to serve the mankind with one thought in mind– “Not for me, but for the nation.”

I welcome you all to the Autumn Session 2012-13 of the Institute. Various events like Blood Donation Camps, Cleanliness Drives are being planned this semester by the new NSS Team. We look forward to an another successful year of NSS Activities with this new team. With this, I proudly introduce the new team for the academic year 2012-13.

Faculty Advisors
Program Coordinator: Dr. Anjan Sil
Program Officer: Dr. Smitha Jha

Executive Student Team 

General Secretary:                            Kapil Suyal
Deputy General Secretary:                Pooja Singh
Joint Secretary (On Campus):           Deeksha Arora
Joint Secretary (Off Campus):           Karan Singh, Parthavi Sharma
Joint Secretary (Administration):       Devang Roongta

ON CAMPUS Cell Secretaries

PRERNA: Arpit Jhanwar, Sheetal Bhavsar, Sourabh Baranwal, Hina Sharma
STUDENT EMPOWERMENT:     Uday Teja, Rupal Verma, Vipin Singh
ENVIRONMENT:                          Sandeep Kumar
SOCIAL AWARENESS:               Mayank Gelani
PROGRAM MANGEMENT:         Bhuwan Kashyap, Yogesh Meena

OFF CAMPUS Cell Secretaries

NIRMAN:                                     Ankit Jain, Jaismeen Kaur
RT EDUSLUM:                            Rahul Meena, Narendra Meena
RT AWARENESS:                      Anupriya, Mayur Warialani
RT EDUCATION:                       Manish Kumar, Jainab Bano, Brajesh Kumar
MODEL VILLAGE:                    Piyush Gupta, Khethavath Lachiram
NAVODAYA:                             Avnish Chauhan, Shivani Agarwal

FINANCE:                                   Pravesh Jain
ATTENDANCE:                          Aditya Singh, Pooja Chaudhary

TECHNOCREATIVE Secretaries (Editorial, Design and Video)
Vivek Ramachandran
Tanuj Agrawal
Pavithran M (not Pavithran Pavi)
Pranay Sagar

I have only one message for you all, I have seen you work, and I know you will do everything in the best way possible. All The Best, make me proud!

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